Episode 17

Apr 23, 2016

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s been a while. You might wanna brush up on the last couple episodes before tackling this one, because this one is YUGE. This super-sized catch-up episode revisits each of our three seperate storylines, so you can get up to date with where everyone is and what they’re doing. Soris and Sebastian, still imprisoned in Badger’s dungeon, attempt to devise a cunning escape plan. Ynroh, Zapatos, and Cando continue their search for the cave in which Aelgvir, Urun, and Narratorius sought shelter, only to find it was inhabited and guarded by a fearsome Dwemer Sphere Guardian, which refuses to allow them to leave. Only a proper password will save their lives, and they simply don’t have the slightest clue. Spoiler Alert- The password ain’t ‘Guest’.

All of this, plus a surprise shakeup in the cast of the show, as well as a (naturally) extended Blooper Reel make this THE CAN’T MISS EPISODE OF THE YEAR! And, in fact, the ONLY episode of the year. One caveat, though. This sucker weighs in at about 80 Megs, so you might wanna wait till you’re on wifi to download this baby. I take no responsibility for any data overages you may incur while downloading this thing over 4G or whatever wireless system you’re on.