First of all, I want to thank everyone who’s been harassing checking in with me on Twitter. I’ve been… y’know… ME about the whole Twitter thing for a while. Because I haven’t been able to do much of anything, it seemed harsh to keep sending assurances that ended up being empty, or promises which ended up not getting kept. I’m still alive, and gosh darn it, I really appreciate you guys saying hi. Damn, I love my fans.

So, I’ve been promising (chuckle) a Campfire since the halcyon days of the Obama Administration, without so much as a kilobyte of new content gracing the feed. Speaking of the feed. We need to talk about the feed.

The feed has been down for, like, ever. About a year or so ago, I revamped the whole website, uploaded all of the episodes on to a new service, and basically changed everything about everything EXCEPT for posting new content. At some point between that and now, something changed and everything went down. Most notably, the security certificate that I was so proud of implementing expired. And of course because of my characteristic lack of attention, it just kinda sat there throwing security warnings at everyone, and I was oblivious. This also caused the actual podcast FEED to go down, so while the files are all nestled comfortably on their server, nobody was able to get to them.

I THINK I may have fixed that. I’m realizing that during my extended “vacation” from podcasting (note, I didn’t say “retirement”), two major things have happened. First, I forgot how to do most of this stuff. Second, the technology and way things are done has changed. It’s similar to being a web designer. I started out at the turn of the millennium writing html code and doing graphic design. I was good at it. Then mom got sick and I was a full time caregiver for years and years. Those web design muscles atrophied. And when I decided to start doing it again, everything was WordPress, and I hated WordPress. It was like a master chef being forced to used a microwave or Instant Pot. It’s too easy to be any good.

Well, it’s also a hell of a lot faster and better than my caveman-like smacking of keys. I can now do in an afternoon something that would have taken a few weeks. This is a tangent. I tend to do that. We were talking about the feed.

So, I think the feed is back up, and I will continue fine-tuning as problems inevitably crop up. Hopefully your podcatchers will be able to access Keeg’s Quest soon, and I’m really sorry this hasn’t been working forever. This was not an indicator that I’m dead or the podcast was dead. Just a sign of my own ignorance.

Life has been a struggle over the past little while. I’ll get into it later in another blog, but I still love Keeg’s Quest and am trying to find the time to do anything about it. This quarantine situation (holy SHIT, right???) has granted me an extra hour a day which has been my commute up till now. I’m still working, thank God, but doing so from home. But not having to drive 50 miles there and back again has given me time to do some tinkering in my off-hours. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m trying to take advantage of it.

I had an episode in development, but the recording was utter shit, so I had to start from scratch. Upon re-reading the script, I realized it sucked. Musta been going through a rough time when I wrote it. I mean, rougher than normal. So I’m gonna take the funny parts (there were a bunch!) and probably shit-can the rest and do a major rewrite.

There’s just so much to say. I’m gonna divide this up into separate blog posts just to not hit you with a wall of gray. So expect more in the coming days, if you’ve got some time on your hands to read a bunch of musings. Hell, it’d be amazing if anyone is still coming to this site, really.

TL/DR; I’m working on the feed so you can listen to back episodes, I miss you, and will talk to you soon. No new episode in active production as yet. The whys of that will be explained, but please bear with me. The show is still continuing to not be dead. Just kind of in stasis, like Mehrunes Dagon or something.

I hope all of you are staying safe and doing well during this science fiction movie that has become our reality. Stay strong, and I’m going to try my damnedest to fill your quarantine with something fun to listen to.