Yeeeeeeeeeah. So I kinda changed stuff up a bit.TL;DR: my web hosting was about to renew its annual contract thingie, and I punched out while there was still time and moved everything elsewhere for various reasons. Ironically, not cost related reasons. Which hopefully will not end up biting me in the kiester.

Hopefully, though, they’re good reasons. You know me and big sweeping decisions. I am cognizant that they are not always fruitful. But change is learning, learning is growth, and growth is better than stagnation, which is where we’ve been for the past couple years. So this is happening.  This is the bedrock upon which I will build the new It’s not going to be what you’re used to. By that I mean, you’ve maybe been here once, and it was half-done. In the near future, it will hopefully be a better-looking, half-done affair. Because to finish a thing is to end a thing. And that’s sad.

So while I hate to ask you to give me time (again, we all know how I am), I nevertheless ask exactly that. I can only do this in my scant spare time, but it’s something I wanna do, if for no other reason that to see if I can. Stay tuned, friends.