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Friends of the Show

19 Nocturne Blvd
One of the most prolific audio drama purveyors of our time, Julie Hoverson has TONS of great material. And if that's not enough, Julie is ALSO going to lend her voice to the character of Marjaenewen the High Elf in Keeg's Quest! I don't think the woman sleeps.

Twilight Audio Theater
An Internet Radio station that plays both classic and modern audio drama, of which Keeg's Quest is a proud participant!  So if you want to explore the variety that audio drama offers as an entertainment medium, give this a try;  you might find something you like!

A hilarious gaming talk show with a west coast girl trying to reign in two east coast guys. They offer a wealth of insight into new and upcoming games, from the mature gamer's perspective. And I use the term "mature" in a very loose way. The language, however, is quite mature, so if you're offended by such things, get your gaming info from the Disney Channel.

Rich's Other Work

Darker Projects
This is where I learned most of what I know about producing audio drama. Really great, talented people there whom I'm proud to call my friends and colleagues. These are all people with real lives and day jobs who do audio for fun, so releases aren't very consistent or frequent, but the quality is ALWAYS there.

  • Night Terrors
    A Twilight Zone-like horror/sci-fi anthology series, covering everything from werewolf attacks to government mind control gone wrong, in little bite sized pieces that make you go "hmmmm". If you listen carefully, you'll note that Soris Uvula kinda moonlights as its new host!

  • Quantum Retribution
    A fan fiction spinoff of the Quantum Leap universe, focusing on the Evil Leapers' secret base and the steamy machinations within. This can get a little on the dark side, people. QR is written and produced by my good friend MJ Cogburn, who introduced me to audio mixing. I play a couple of characters in the series, starting with the most recent episode (as of this writing).

  • Shadow Talkers
    This is the Darker Projects talk show, kinda like my Campfire Storytimes, where I chat with my friend and mentor (the aforementioned MJ Cogburn) about all things Darker Projects (and some things not...)

A post-apocalyptic audio drama by Yap Audio Production, produced and set in Fife, Scotland. I am of distant, distant Scottish descent, so this is kind of my way of going home again to a place I've never been!  I play the character of Wallace, who is a total nutjob. Perfect casting, if you ask me...


Awesome Audio Dramas and AudioBooks

Star Trek: Lost Frontier
The first modern audio drama to which I ever listened, and my desire to get to know the producers resulted in my long affiliation with Darker Projects. Great stuff for Trekkies. Check it out!

The Leviathan Chronicles
An audio drama about a community of immortals who live in an underwater city in the Mariana Trench. The show spans the globe and beyond, and is EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT stuff. I don't think there's an audio drama around with higher production value than Leviathan. Really top-notch stuff, and its creator Christof Laputka is a GREAT guy whom I really respect, both as an artist and a dude.

We're Alive
Neck and neck with Leviathan for the spot of Rich's Favorite Audiodrama is We're Alive, an EPIC zombie apocalypse saga. Again, the production value and skill with which they execute their story is absolutely first-rate, and their actors are second to none. We're Alive is released on a more or less weekly basis and should not be missed by ANYONE with a zombie jones.

7th Son Trilogy
This isn't an audio drama per se, but an audio book by J.C. Hutchins which is available for free. An incredibly original concept involving a presidential assassination, a super secret government project involving clones (who don't KNOW they're clones), a mind control conspiracy, and... God, this thing is vast and EXTREMELY engrossing. Very well done.

The Godfather
Speaking of audiobooks, I would be completely remiss if I didn't recommend this one.  My absolute favorite audiobook of all time.  They say a book is usually better than the movie, which is true (and considering The Godfather, that's really saying something), but this audiobook is even BETTER than the printed book.  All of the dialogue is presented by seperate actors, and this thing is masterfully done. It isn't free, but it's DEFINITELY worth 21 bucks.

We Are Not Alone
Ah, the 50's. Humanity's innocent childhood phase. We Are Not Alone is a parody of classic 50's sci fi and culture, and MUST NOT BE MISSED. This thing has me laughing my ass off on a reliable, consistent basis. Kind of like Saturday Night Live, but set in the 50's and actually FUNNY.

Metamor City
This one is big. Imagine a sprawling city where werewolves, magic, psionics, and shapeshifting are everyday things. Chris Lester has created a stunningly vast landscape here, rife with history and lore, with drama and humor in equal measure. This is very much an adult show, and deals a lot with gay/lesbian/transgender issues, just in case you're put off by such material. It splits its time between one-shot audio drama episodes and a huge dramatized audiobook, and the world is probably the most IMMERSIVE I've found. Great stuff!

Random, Interesting Stuff

Bethesda Game Studios
Welcome to the Church of Bethesda. These folks have made some of the most awe-inspiring games of all time. If any company is responsible for making worlds that are preferable to real life, it's them. Hell, even the bombed-out husk of Capitol City is a resort town compared to Stockton... And irradiated water is preferable to the swill that pours forth from our faucets. I mean... at least it's sterile... Todd only knows what's living in the crap we have here. But I'm a Tamriel man all the way. That's where I'll always want to hang my helmet.

Jeremy Soule is without a doubt the most capable and amazing composer of video game music in the world. In fact I can't name a single other video game composer who's left an impression upon me like Mr. Soule has. This is absolutely must-buy material, and I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys soundtracks purchase Mr. Soule's work.

Elder Scrolls Wiki
What the hell is skooma? What's the big deal with dark elves and slavery? Who's this Akatosh I keep hearing about? The entire breadth of Elder Scrolls lore can be found within these pages. Every book or character is at your disposal. If you ever have a question about the Elder Scrolls, this is the definitive place to look, PERIOD.

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