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Hardly Seems worth it to have an entire page dedicated to contact options when there are only two (soon to be three) such options.  Because contact with the listeners is so cherished by me (this is actually one of those times where my hyperbole is not ironic... I really do dig it), I present you with the following options to say "Whazzup?"


The most direct way to contact me, which requires a bit of work on your part because, though I am a web designer by trade, I know exactly squat about security, so my fear is I'll plaster my email address all over this place and within a month I'm gonna be getting spammed like there's no tomorrow.  Seriously.  My business email address?  I don't even check the thing because it's all from this guy in Africa who has chosen me out of 7 billion people to help him re-ascend to his purloined throne of Zimbokwazaweemoway.  And even though he swears he'll reimburse me, I have my doubts because I've been burned before.  So hopefully the following image will portray my super-secret email address in as decipherable a way as possible.

Simply analyze the image before you, and my super secret spider-proof email address will be revealed!!  (its the gold part.)

Got it?  Hope so.  Anyway, email me there, and I will certainly get back to you.  Unlike some massively famous people that you adore, I am still quite down to earth and will almost certainly reply (barring your standard "OMIGOD My life happens to be crumbling around me" stuff).  And when I do, boy are you in for a treat.  Because I keep going and going and paragraph after paragraph of blah blah blah.  You might just wish I was one of those guys who doesn't give a crap. 


OK... as a rule, I'm not a huge fan of social networking.  There are just people out there who... frankly, I'd just as soon not re-hook-up with, y'know?  That being said, I'm totally on the Twitter.  I consider Twitter something like the "second base" of social networking.  It's exciting enough, but we can just stop there and things don't need to get weird.  So feel free to tweet me at @YnrohKeeg or follow me or whatever floats your boat.  Alternately, there's a link on the little TwitterWidget on the right. 

The Blog.

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