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Click on one of the links below to read that character's profile, written by the characters themselves!  Think of it kind of like those Playboy Centerfold interviews that, like NOBODY really reads (even though that's "totally the only reason we subscribed; for the articles!")...

Please note that not all of these profiles will be available immediately, but more will be added over time. The characters below with red backgrounds indicate profiles which have not yet been filled out by the character in question.  The characters have been informed that their continued employment is contingent upon filling out these forms, so check back whenever you get the urge! Also note that only COMPLETED forms are available through the handy-dandy menu to the left.

Character Summary
Ynroh of the House of Keeg A Nord warrior and grudgingly-recovering skooma addict, Ynroh is on a quest to learn whether the rumored dragon invasion is, like, a real thing or not.  Little does he know that within him lies the only means of defeating the plans of the evil Alduin!
Aelgvir A wood elf bartender, plying his humble trade until fate brings Ynroh to his barstool.  All he really wants is to serve drinks and chat with his patrons, but in these tumultuous times, even the most amiable host may be called to greatness in the face of world-shattering evil.
Two-Tails A member of the reptilian Argonian race.  Two-Tails was wandering around, minding his own business, when suddenly this Nord, out of nowhere, jumps off his horse and stabs poor Two-Tails in the chest.  Turns out it was all just a misunderstanding, so it's all good.  Argonians heal fast anyway.  Turns out Two-Tails is a slave, and maybe a thief.  Cuz... you know... he's an Argonian...
Sebastian Sibilance A master of Mysticism, Acrobatics, and Athletics who finds out some wise-ass has decided nobody needs to learn those skills.  Luckily, he's also a student of dragon lore, so this obsolete mysticist may just be Nirn's only hope of survival, provided Ynroh can just shut up a second and listen...
Cando Lalrissian Old and wise, Cando is content to sit by his roaring campfire, read the future in its smoke, and share his wisdom with passers-by.  A devout believer in Todd, the mystical god who predates even the Nine, Cando is confident that Ynroh will quell the dragon uprising. Throughout his mysteriously long life, Cando has done a little bit of everything.  His experience will be crucial in the epic struggle to come.
Soris Uvula A ridiculously wealthy dark elf battlemage, Soris Uvula was browsing his personal collection of frozen corpses when Ynroh blunders into his home, completely uninvited, and demanded to take Soris' giant potatoes.  Well, things got kind of heated after that, which is ironic considering Soris has a penchant for frost magic.  Turns out, this was all just another misunderstanding...
Narratorius MacGuffin Imperial by birth, Narratorius MacGuffin is an old bard who can't hold a tune to save his life.  Instead, he chooses to spin his tales with his gift for prose.  He also uses this talent to act as Dungeonmaster whenever the guys want to get together and play a little D&D. Because folks do that, and Cando is his oldest and dearest friend.
Zapatos A lover of women and bringer of swift death, none are as suave and dashing as the rakish Zapatos.  An exotic and mysterious Khajiit, this feline assassin is a master of archery and fiercely proud of his heritage, which is all but spat upon in the icy land of Skyrim.  But the chicks TOTALLY dig him, so he figures he'll stick around.
Urun gro-Braagh All Urun gro-Braagh wanted to do was get the hell out of Nova Orsinium and get himself set up in a desk job in Cyrodiil with the Imperial Legion.  He could TOTALLY make lists; there's lots of demand for that, and despite his great size and formidable armor, Urun's just not cut out for fighting. But one wrong turn in Hammerfell became a wrong turn in Winterhold, and now he's smack dab in an epic struggle that will decide the fates of all.  

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